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Allan Britton
Some wizardry going on here to make all this stuff fit.

Amazing how everything fits together but a guide is needed to be able to clean it back up. Everything has a very specific place and orientation.
Extra events and additional dials do not have a place and will cause lumps if you try to squeeze.
I have a dedicated woodshop and years of experience and it can be a challenge to assemble this one. The main scythe silo was much simpler and more logical.
They almost had all the legacy stuff on the bottom layer but then they put the resources at the very bottom so you'll have to take everything apart to play even the base game.

It works and the design is very cool but overall I wouldn't recommend this unless you have no other option.
It's better than having everything in boxes and bags provided you're okay with building things with glue and a rubber hammer.

Somebody needs to create a smooth plastic tray system for this game.

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