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An amazing light-weight by Mr. Feld

Kokopelli honestly feels like a Knizia game than Feld (like Knizia's Witchstone felt like a Feld).
Really fun quick game. We played with 2P and 12 festivals, it went very quick. Played 3 games back to back in 1.5 hours.
Might be slightly longer with more players as you need to be mindful of what players have played on thier village board.

Don't go looking for super deep card plays, its quite simple and in my opinion well trimmed 'just enough' for a game of this complexity weight.

Now you could have a runaway leader issue if you don't pay attention, in one of our game session I had a synergy, I had a card which gave me VP for playing cards on opponents festival + one more for closing festival.
So I got a lot of VP before my wife realised and decided to end the nonesense. Hopefully that makes sense, to pay attention to other player's boards.

Other than that another terrific & simple design by one of the genius among us, Mr. Feld.

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