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Jason Peacock
Really great co op game

I was expecting to enjoy this King of Tokyo cooperative game but I really really like it. Easy to play with the kids.

alexandre hebert heydra
King of monster island

Good game! Best player count for me personally was 1-2 players

Jacob Russell
Very Impressed

We love to play both King of Tokyo and King of New York and thought a co-op version would make for a fun twist... we were not wrong. This is the most complex of the three designs, which rise in complexity as you go through the series, but not so complex that you can't play it with the family. My 7 year old can run the entire game on his own and if you just follow the step by step instructions on the back of the ally cards you'll be fine. It's one of the few recent co-op games that doesn't appear to have anything in common with Pandemic. There is no co-op game quite like and the dice really add to the emergent story telling aspect of the game. They don't add randomness you can't account for but they definitely keep you on your feet. This is a clever design that offers you meaningful choices and gives you ways to work together and play together that I've never seen in any other co-op game. Highly recommended.

Terry Pepple
Finally! A cooperative version of KOT!!

King of Monster Island is a great family weight cooperative game that improves upon the best features of King of Tokyo.

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