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Kart sur Glace - White Kart

$10.95 CAD

$10.95 CAD

Designer Florian Fay
Publisher Les XII Singes
Players 2-5
Playtime 30 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up
Expands Kart sur Glace

Note: This game is in French

An extension for the game "Kart Sur Glace"
These many small extensions to add together or not in the game.

- one more Kart (you can play to 6 players)

- 6 Bonus like...
"Wind" : opposing karts turned upside
"SnowStorm" (malus): reverse its position with the last of the race
"Twister" : you add and move a token "Twister" or move a token already present (you lose a card Action if you hit a token "Twister")

- 6 new "MegaPowwaa" for the 6 karts
Now, you choose a card "MegaPowaaa" from the two cards available.
Examples : 
Orange : mechanical arm // telekinesis
Red : scrambler // scanner

- new type of game : 
Kart Ghost
In turn, all players can move free "kart ghost". 
If it hits a kart, the kart is on the roof.


Kart Flag 
A team game, like the "Catch Flag" in Paintball or "LaserQuest"

- Pit Stop Card :
Fill card "bonus" and take a "Action Card"

- White Card (Bonus & Mega Powwaa):
for your imagination...

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