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Designer Peter Burley
Publisher FoxMind
Players 2
Playtime 20 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up
Reimplemented By Kamisado Max

Just as the Four in a Square suggests, you want to be the first player to form a square with four balls of your color.

On a turn, you place a ball of your color in an empty spot, then slide a board tile to try to get four of your color in a square. That's it!

Kamisado is a game of pure skill and strategy! There are no dice, cards or any other chance element. It’s just you against your opponent! The aim in each round is to be the first to get an octagonal ‘dragon tower’ to the opposite side of the board, by moving the towers in straight lines, either forwards or diagonally forwards. It sounds easy doesn’t it, but the twist is that you can only move a tower if its colour matches the colour of the square that your opponent last moved to. Also, you will find that the routes you want to use are blocked by enemy towers (and sometimes your own!). As the game unfolds, your towers will be promoted to ‘Sumos’, and will have the ability to push your opponent's pieces backwards, earning you extra turns. The situations continue to become more complex and challenging, until one player accumulates the required winning total and can be declared a ‘Kamisado Grand Master’ - until the next game!

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