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Justice League: Hero Dice - Superman

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$25.95 CAD

This game is part of our the Import Game Collection

Andreas Schmidt
Heidelberger Spieleverlag
Players 1
Playtime 15-25 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up
Integrates With
Justice League: Hero Dice – Batman


As a member of the Justice League, you are the last line of defense to protect billions of lives from the worst of horrible foes. Will you make the difference? Will you secure the safety of mankind?

With this SUPERMAN set for HERO DICE you join the Justice League as the Man of Steel.

Gather your friends around you, roll the dice and battle villains with your Super Strength.

Justice League: Hero Dice – Superman is a cooperative game. There are several sets available. Each set enables you to play one hero from the Justice League. Each set has material for one player. Multiple players can play, with a set for each player (and both can play Superman, or each a different character).

The aim of the game is to protect your hometown. The villians are attacking Gotham City, Metropolis or another city. Try to push them back.

Get bonuspoints for good teamwork. After the attack you can count your points and lick your wounds.

Justice League: Hero Dice is NOT a collectible game, but each set gives you new options.

Each player needs his own set to participate in Justice League: Hero Dice

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