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Journey Stones

$23.95 CAD

$23.95 CAD

Designer Frank Zazanis
Publisher Victory Point Games
Players 2
Playtime 15 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up

Journey Stones is a two player viking themed strategy game where players attempt to capture 7 stones from their opponent. Each side moves, captures, and stacks stones while maneuvering them to victory. Journey Stones is a chess/checkers style game with alternating turns of 1 action per player.

Both sides set their pieces up mirroring each other on the back 2 ranks of their sides

The Warrior Stone moves and captures vertically and horizontally. Each stone moves 1 space at a time alone

The Journey Stone moves and captures diagonally. Each stone moves 1 space at a time alone.


To capture a stone move your stone to the space the enemy stone is on, then remove the enemy piece from the arena and place it next to you so your opponent can see how many stones you have captured. In the above picture the Stone Warrior Stone is Capturing a Wood Journey Stone. (remember if one player captures 7 total enemy stones they declare Hurlov (victory).

Stacking is the ability to place one of your pieces atop another of your pieces. This makes a new piece that moves as the top piece dictates and may move upto the amount of pieces in the stack. In the above picture the Stone Warrior Stacks onto the Stone Journey Stone and creates a Warrior that can move and capture 1 or 2 spaces. If a stacked piece captures a piece it must stop on the space it captures that piece on. A Stack may not be any higher than 4 pieces. 

Note: A stacked piece may not be unstacked and is worth the number of pieces in the stack so if it is captured your opponent scores a capture for each piece. Example: 3 piece stack = 3 points when it is captured.

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