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Lots of replayability

I would have given Imperial Settlers 4 stars, but the font on the card is printed so small that impacts the enjoyment of the game for anyone who requires glasses, which happens to most of us over the age of 50. Imperial Settlers has an easy to learn mechanic, that can have a lot of nuances as you learn the game. Card based, engine building, resource management and includes a small amount of aggression between players which adds interest but doesn't become too overwhelming. The aggression is mostly one attack per person per turn, unless you have cards that give you more swords (Romans!). There is also the option to play the nice version.

Andre Messier
Great game

Love that there's different factions with different abilities, makes for more replayability since you'll want to try out the different factions! There's also extra factions available for purchase via expansion.

Jessie Morin
I love this game

It's a nice game with ressouces managements, tableau buildings and little bit engin building.

Fun Empire Building Game

I like easy to learn and play civ games. I also like Atlanteans, Romans, and other ancient civilizations. It is a very fun game. Some folks fine it too long for what it does but I prefer it as a solo to three player game. I personally follow most of the deck building rules EXCEPT I allow a mix of all expansions (basically OPEN in the new rulebooks). I build all decks to be killer and have alot of fun with the crazy combos. 8.7/10

Imperial Settlers video review

Imperial Settlers is a card-based, resource management type of game in which players try to build an efficient economic engine. This is done by collecting resources and using them to construct buildings (laying cards), which will then earn you more resources and victory points. Each deck corresponds to a different civilization and plays very differently from the others. Follow the link below to find a more detailed review, and please dont forget to like and subscribe to the channel :)

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