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John Poniske
Victory Point Games
Players 2-4
Suggested Age 6 and up

Everybody needs a hug now and again! In Hugs, by designer John Poniske, you are a member of a big family and you love everyone. So how do you show your love to the members of your family? By giving them a lot of hugs!

Each time you hug a family member, you earn points, and the objective is to earn the most HUG points possible. Of course, some members enjoy more hugs than others, and then there are SOME things you want to avoid hugging altogether. But will you be able to tell the difference?

Each turn, a player has one of four actions to choose per turn: To place one of their colored HUG counters, remove a family token from the board, peek at other tokens on the board, or draw a token from the "Token Pool" and place it face-down on the board.
Not all tokens are good to hug, and some family members are worth more points than others! When all pieces from each player have been placed, each counter is flipped over and the points are counted where their HUG counter connects with any character tokens.

A great little kids game that the whole family will love, give some HUGS to you and yours today!

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