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Hellweg westfalicus (Import)

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$36.95 CAD

This game is part of our the Import Game Collection

Designer Michael Schacht
Publisher Spiele aus Timbuktu
Players 2-4
Playtime 30-60 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up

Up through the Middle Ages, the Westphalian Hellweg, a road between Duisburg and Paderborn that's more than five thousand years old, was of great importance for trading.

In Hellweg westfalicus, players try their hand at trading, trying to buy salt, beer, and ironware at low prices, then sell them for maximum profit. If you wait too long, you might get a good purchase price, but only for what little is still left to sell. You can create trade routes with the help of coaches and thus supply distant towns. The player who owns the most money after twelve rounds wins.

Hellweg westfalicus includes the expansion module "Warehouse and Privileges" for expert players.

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