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Jason Anarchy Games  |  SKU: DRQ

HECK: A Tiny Card Game

$23.95 CAD
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Designer Jason Anarchy
Publisher Jason Anarchy Games
Players 2-4
Playing Time 15-30 mins
Suggested Age 14 and up

Heck is a tiny bidding game where you bid tiny wooden snake eggs on tiny cards behind tiny DM screens.

Players are SNAKES who win the game by befriending the most CRITTERS (first to 5 critter friends win)

start the game by choosing 1 of 4 tiny DM screens
(90's Lan Party, Camping, Cheese Factory, Venice Italy)

Each player gets 3 wooden eggs, 3 critter cards are dealt out for all to see, and you each draw a snake card (a new snake every round) and wager your eggs behind your screen on one or more Snake Attributes (hiss, slither, length, Chomp) to try and out bid for the friend ship of critters.

Alternatively you can place eggs on the Heck space and draw HECK cards which may help or hinder you in a variety of ways.

Main artwork by Alex Cohen of Tiny Snek Comics