Hansa Teutonica: Big Box

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刘仪堃 Jerry

very good

Jordan M
Hansa Teutonica

Wicked 3-5 player game.

Albert Bangma
The Euro of Euros

This game has you placing cubes, moving cubes, and placing cubes to move cubes to place cubes, all to gain points in a variety of different ways, on a map of Germany.

It is a Euro game, though much more interactive than most Euro games, but in not in an overly mean way, more speed bumps than cruel.

It has a few small expansions that are okay, and two alternative maps: Eastern Germany (which is great) and the UK (which is more complex).

If you like very little randomness, emergent tactical and strategic play that strongly encourages meta between plays and plays in under an hour, this is the game for you.

Jonathan Saah
Shut up and sit down said it

This is one of the best packages of 2020 classic reprints. Besides Brass, this is an amazing reprint of an old classic!

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