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Go7 Gaming - Storage Solution for Forbidden Stars

In Stock

$66.95 CAD

Our storage solution for Forbidden Stars includes thirteen (13) removable trays, including four (4) player faction trays, and is intended to be placed inside the publisher game box (FFG).  This is one of our largest storage solutions, providing a roomy and complete storage/play solution for your copy of Forbidden Stars .  The approach we employed with this design was to provide a dedicated faction tray for each set of faction components.  This allows you to simply hand each player a tray and begin setup.

This storage solution includes etched resource names in the trays to indicate the location for each component so you will never wonder where something should be stored.

This storage solution provides:

  • four (4) removable faction storage trays for storage of cards, minis, and tokens (using a small token tray with lid that stores inside each faction tray).  Each faction tray includes three (3) wooden dividers to separate faction cards by type.
  • one (1) removable top tray that provides storage for faction mats and rulebooks
  • one (1) removable tile tray for map tile storage
  • one (1) large, removable tray to store round tracker and the following minis: factories, bastions, cities
  • two (2) removable, stacking token trays with lid to store your tokens, dice, and warp tokens

Product Notes

  • This solution provides thirteen (13) removable trays.
  • This insert can store sleeved or unsleeved cards.  Please note, you may find that FFG sleeves don’t quite fit.  Ultra Pro’s clears do…
  • This insert is constructed of HDF (wood product) and is natural colored. HDF does not contain a wood grain as it is a constructed wood product.
  • Insert assembly requires some wood glue and about 80 minutes of assembly time. I recommend Sobo Craft glue or another comparable quick setting, tacky glue.
  • This insert kit weighs > 6 pounds, so it must be shipped USPS Priority Mail outside of Canada and the United States.
  • This product is not officially licensed.  All marks are the property of their respective owners.

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