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Go7 Gaming - EH-002 for Eldritch Horror Expansions

In Stock

$34.95 CAD

Our storage solution for Eldritch Horror expansions includes five (5) removable trays and is intended to be placed inside the publisher game box (core, MOM, UTP, DREAM).  This solution will store additional large cards, small cards, and tokens.

Note: this storage solution is only required if you need to store additional cards (and perhaps some tokens) and already own our EH-001, which handles cards, tokens, tiles, etc.

This storage solution provides:

  • two (2) removable large card storage tray w/18 dividers (sleeved/unsleeved)
  • one (1) removable small card storage tray w/12 dividers (sleeved/unsleeved)
  • two (2) removable spare storage trays (plastic bases and more can be stored here)

This solution provides 2mm of free space at the top for game manuals.  This solution allows the core game board to be stored on top and is stable, but it will contribute about .5″ of lid lift.   We keep our game boards in an empty UTP expansion box.

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