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Go7 Gaming - RSUN-004 for Rising Sun™ Kami Unbound/Monster Box

In Stock

$26.95 CAD

Our storage solution for the Rising Sun™ Kami Unbound/Monster Pack boxes (retail/Kickstarter) provides storage for the components from both Kami Unbound and the Monster Pack.

This storage solution provides:

  • one (1) mini tray that provides a safe home for your monster (4) and Kami (7) minis, including etched name and number
  • one (1) Kami card storage tray

As with our other solutions for Rising Sun, this solution includes extensive etching, allowing you to quickly locate minis for use and storage.

Note: this solution is not required if you are a Kickstarter backer.  The RSUN-002 provides storage for all of your non-base game content.

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