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Go7 Gaming - RB-003 for Rum & Bones: Second Tide Iron Inquisition

$45.95 CAD

$45.95 CAD

Our storage solution for Rum & Bones: Second Tide™ Iron Inquisition expansion conveniently stores all Iron Inquisition game components including ship board, cards, tokens, dice, minis, Iron Inquisition add-on heroes and provides extra storage space for other add-on hero packs.  This kit includes four (4) removable trays and a large base insert that is intended to be permanently stored in your game box.  This solution provides a total storage solution for the Kickstarter or retail Iron Inquisition expansion content.

This solution also provides storage for Rum & Bones: Season #1. If you own Rum & Bones: Season #1, see our storage notes here to learn what you will need to store your season #1 content and expansions.

This storage solution provides:

  • base insert provides storage for thirteen (13) large base hero minis and three (3) small base hero minis
  • storage area for your hero dashboards in the base insert
  • large card storage in the base insert (sleeved/unsleeved)
  • small card storage in the base insert (sleeved/unsleeved)
  • large token, tile, and mini bases storage in the base insert
  • small ship board storage in the base insert
  • one (1) removable long mini storage tray that stores one (1) large and six (6) small base heroes
  • one (1) removable, adjustable mini storage tray that stores large/small base heroes and deckhands/bosuns
  • one (1) removable small tray that provides storage for small tokens
  • one (1) removable token tray for additional coins, dice (21), and/or miscellaneous tokens
  • etched name tab for the Iron Inquisition faction

This solution provides free space at the top for game sheet and the large ship board.

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