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Go7 Gaming - MOM-002 for Mansions Expansion Boxes

$23.95 CAD

$23.95 CAD

Our MOM-002 is an expansion storage solution that is designed to be slipped into the extremely thin expansion boxes FFG has used for the Mansions of Madness (Recurring Nightmares, Suppressed Memories).  This solution can also be used externally.  If you plan to store it inside the manufacturer’s box, you will want to tape one end of the box shut to reinforce the box.  We also taped the inside tab in the box on the taped end to further reinforce the box.

Our MOM-002 storage solution for Mansions of Madness provides:

  • additional storage room for square and half-square tiles.
  • 16 storage slots using our rail system for small monster minis.

Our railed mini storage system allows you to mount and store your monster minis safely, but do require unadorned/unpainted bases.

The large rectangular tiles can be stored in our base MOM-001 storage solution in the top tray with your manuals.

What Do You Need?

  • If you own the 2ed base game and all three expansions (Recurring Nightmares, Suppressed Memories, Beyond the Threshold), you will need our MOM-001, MOM-002, and MOM-003 storage solutions to store everything.  With these three inserts + core + 3 expansions, you will have room to store everything and will have room for 3 additional small base monsters.  Two investigators will need to be stored outside the investigator trays however.  We intend to provide more investigator storage in the next insert we produce for MOM.  Alternatively, you could opt to purchase an additional MOM-003 (it provides 16x small monster slots, 12x investigator slots, and 4x large monsters slots).
  • If you only own the base game (2ed), then you only need the MOM-001.
  • If you own the base game and one expansion, you will need the MOM-001, MOM-002, and MOM-003 storage solutions, since the MOM-002 stores tiles and the MOM-003 does not.

Product Notes

  • This solution provides one (1) tray with lid and is designed to be stored inside the expansion boxes (Recurring Nightmares, Suppressed Memories) or used externally.
  • This insert is constructed of HDF (wood product) and is natural colored. HDF does not contain a wood grain as it is a constructed wood product.
  • Insert assembly requires some wood glue and about 35 minutes of assembly time. We recommend Sobo Craft glue or another comparable quick setting, tacky glue.
  • This product is not officially licensed.  All marks are the property of their respective owners.

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