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Go7 Gaming  |  SKU: BLOODB-006

Go7 Gaming - BLOODB-006 for Bloodborne: The Board Game (Small Expansion Boxes)

$26.95 CAD
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This Go7 Gaming organizer for CMON’s Bloodborne™ offers two trays, providing storage for your minis and as many as two large, square map tiles.  This solution fits in a small expansion box such as Mergo’s, Yahar’Gul, and Byrgenwerth.

This kit includes:

  • one (1) large tray capable of holding twenty-two (22) minis
  • one (1) small, removable tray capable of holding four (4) small minis
  • space for as many as two large map tiles

This solution is designed to store a selection of minis from Mergo’s, Yahar’Gul, and Byrgenwerth and two (2) large, square map tiles.

What Do You Need?

Bloodborne™ is a really big game and it has tons of minis.  Fortunately, CMON provided enough quality boxes to store everything in.  Our designs for the Bloodborne content provide storage across several boxes optimizing storage space used and reducing the number of boxes required.  This means that there is no simple solution if you have more than the base game, but less than everything. Our guidance follows:

  • If you own just the base game (retail/KS), you should purchase 1x BLOODB-001.
  • If you own the Blood Moon pledge, you should purchase 1x BLOODB-001, 1x BLOODB-004, 1x BLOODB-007, and 1x BLOODB-002 (mostly for the tile storage and you will need to store this in the Blood Moon box and there will be lid lift).
  • If you own everything and sleeve, you should grab the sleever's bundle.
  • If you own everything and don't sleeve, you should grab the non-sleever's bundle.
Beyond the choices above, consider the following:

  • BLOODB-001 - Base game storage (base game box)
  • BLOODB-002 - Additional card and tile storage for expansions and provides storage for chests, lanterns, and 8 small minis. (Cainhurst or Forbidden expansion box)
  • BLOODB-003 - Provides storage for large minis from Chalice, Blood Moon, and Cainhurst.  Also, provides space for 40 small minis.  (Cainhurst or Forbidden expansion box)
  • BLOODB-004 - Provides storage for large minis from Chalice, Blood Moon, and Forbidden.  Also, provides space for 7 small minis. (Chalice expansion box)
  • BLOODB-005 - Provides storage for large minis from Upper Cathedral and Hunter's.  Also provides space for 19 small minis.  (Hunter's or Upper Cathedral expansion box)
  • BLOODB-006 - Provides storage for large minis from Yahar'Gul and Byrgenwerth. Also provides space for 13 small minis.  (Mergo's, Yahar'Gul, or Byrgenwerth expansion box)
  • BLOODB-007 - Provides storage for large minis from Yahar'Gul, Byrgenwerth, and Mergo's.  (Mergo's, Yahar'Gul, or Byrgenwerth expansion box)
  • BLOODB-008 - only required if you are all-in and sleeve your cards (Mergo's, Yahar'Gul, or Byrgenwerth expansion box)

Product Notes

  • This organizer is specifically designed with room on top for two (2) square map tiles.
  • This organizer is constructed of HDF (wood product) and is natural colored. HDF does not contain a wood grain as it is a constructed wood product.
  • Organizer assembly requires some wood glue and about 30 minutes of assembly time. We recommend Sobo Craft glue or another comparable quick setting, tacky glue.
  • This product is not officially licensed.  All marks are the property of their respective owners.