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Go7 Gaming - AQIBASE-001 for Arcadia Quest: Inferno

$59.95 CAD

$59.95 CAD

Our storage solution for Arcadia Quest: Inferno base game provides storage for minis, jumbo cards, large cards, small cards, tokens, and map tiles in eight custom trays.  This solution is designed to be placed in a base game box.

This solution provides storage for all base game components.  If you own the add-on plastic tokens, in addition to the cardboard tokens, you will be able to store one or the other, but not both.

This storage solution provides:

  • 5 dedicated storage compartments for larger minis in the base insert
  • storage area for map tiles (room for one extra), campaign pad, spawn board
  • large card storage in the base insert
  • small card storage tray + small card storage tray built into the base insert (two total)
  • jumbo card storage tray
  • large railed mini storage tray (store 20 minis)
  • small mini storage tray (stores 10 minis)
  • dice storage tray (stores 24 dice)
  • small token tray (guild, exploration, and portal tokens)
  • large token tray (coins, wound, death, damnation tokens + mini bases

This solution provides free space at the top for game manuals and player boards.

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