Gizmos (Second Edition)

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Scott Baker
Big Hit

Gizmos is a nice, quick, fun, and simple engine building game. Everyone I have played it with has loved it and continually ask to play it. In 2020, Gizmos was my most played game with 49 plays. I see this being a big hit with my friends and family for years to come!

Troy Seltenrich
Love the tactility, am a bit dissapointed with the fiddliness.

Gizmo's is a worthy game to add to your collection because the mechanics are sound. Unfortunately, the dispenser (even in this version) is fiddly and does not reliably feed marbles onto the track. More often than not they get stuck in the hopper requiring a hefty jostle or stir of the pot to get them to come out. You have to develop a touch for this because if you are too hasty it is possible for the marbles already in the track to pop out. Fortunately you are often picking blind and can use this opportunity to stir.

Christoph Burg
Great little Engine Builder

Enjoyable engine builder with nice components.

Randy Anderson
Light, simple engine builder with great depth

Gizmos is my most played game since getting it. It's quick enough that most people I have played with don't mind playing multiple games back to back. We love the combos that are possible in this game and depending on how the cards come out, it's a lot of fun to try out new combinations.

Nafis Shahid
A very fun engine builder, the marbles give it a very tactile feel and definitely adds to the exp...

Fairly quick with lots of replayability , definitely recommend.

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