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Galaxy of Trian

$79.95 CAD

$79.95 CAD

This game is part of our the Import Game Collection

Grzegorz Kalarus, Sebastian Oliwa, Seweryn Piotrowski
CreativeMaker LLC
Players 2-4
Playtime 45 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up

Galaxy of Trian is a dynamic tile-based sci-fi board game. During the game you take command over one of a few opposing races, fighting over a territory and technology left by a powerful race Trian. You have at your disposal few kinds of basic units and spaceships allowing a great deal of interaction. Different types of ships will come with the new add-ons. Tiles are two-sided and stacked into two piles during the game, which gives more tactical possibilities and, at the same time, limits randomness. Special tiles, like teleport, exmitter or trade station increase level of interaction and give even more tactical possibilities.

We made all possible efforts to give the game its unique, individual character and to distinguish it from others with the specific elements of game mechanisms. The goal was to make a game, which could be different each time it is played. Moreover, it was important that during the match players could decide which game variants they want to play, taking into account variable add-ons. Every add-on is a “module”, which can be combined with the basic version of the game and used to make your own variants. Basic version can be combined with any number of add-ons.

We wanted the game to be dynamic, with the playtime of about 60 min. We reached said time playing the strategic variant with the add-on “Beginning of Conquer”, which really pleases us. In the deluxe version, the game is composed of 84 beautifully illustrated, two sided tiles with 168 diverse graphics. There are no two identical graphics in the game; every nebula, planet and gas looks unique.


The matches are played in turns, which take place in a clockwise manner. Starting with the first player, every subsequent draws a tile in their turn and places it on the table. This way, planetary systems, nebulas and space (in which the spaceships travel) of different sizes are created. From nebulas we receive a certain amount of resources (crystals) every turn. The basic unit of the game is an emissary, who can fight over nebulas and planetary systems. If the system is won over, the emissary is able to take control of the research stations left by the Trian race. Stations can be leveled up. The points in the game can be obtained in various ways. By means of: closing planetary systems, nebulas, and space; leveling up the stations on nebulas and collecting resources (crystals) from them; conducting research or fights between ships. Game mechanics allow the application of different strategies and tactics. The game also includes tiles allowing special actions.

What defines Galaxy of Trian:

Simple rules which can be explained within few minutes, using clear, illustrated game instruction
Brilliant game mechanics, which will charm everyone and provide a great number of possible tactics and strategies. The game is incredibly exciting, it offers many ways to win and a great deal of interaction between players
Smooth and dynamic matches, without tie-ups and lengthy waiting for your turn. Match lasts 45 – 60 min.
Game variants adjusted to players age and expectations
As one of a few board games it is great for two, three and four players
Beautiful graphics made with great care and attention to details
Tiles construction allows countless combinations. Each time a completely different-looking fragment of the galaxy is formed. You will return to the Galaxy of Trian frequently. Simply, this game is never boring!

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