Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game (Revised Edition)

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Debra G
If "Revised" means less...

This "Revised" edition of Fortune and Glory is a reprint of a very popular and very OOP game. What is striking is that they significantly reduced the quality and aesthetics by shrinking the box size, removing plastic tokens and replacing them with cardboard, removing the glossy sheen from all the tokens, removing the "bad giys from WW2's" symbols from the game ( know, someone might get offended), and lastly changing the main game board to a tri-fold style design that is super flimsy to which mine along with others on bgg is already starting to peel away and tear from simply opening it out of the box.

And to put a cherry ontop, they sold this new edition at the same price as the original. I gave it three stars because yes, the game is still the same and is an outstanding experience and a lot of fun, but these "changes" left me feeling like I purchased a print and play edition of Fortune and Glory.

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