Forbidden Desert

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Ingvar Tjostheim
Really like it.

This is a good cooperative game. The only thing I wish was better is that unless you play this game with a group who are equally engaged in the challenge, whoever is most engaged, or knows it best, easily ends up playing the game for everyone. If players had secrets they couldn't share publicly, this would force all to engage and tale part. But with a group where everyone is interested in solving the puzzle together, this is a great cooperative puzzle game.

Brian Lee
Survive the forbidden desert in this exciting 2-5 player coop!

Great coop game with lots of different gameplay mechanics. Compared to Forbidden Island, the additional gameplay mechanics make each game more entertaining and requires more strategy in order to win. If it's your first playthrough, expect to take about an hour and a half.

Dexton Wylde
IMO Best Forbidden Game

Great addition to the Island system which has a perfectly balances amount of new complications with familiar action. a great step up from island and if you have more into gamers than casual i would even say skip island and go straight here. great production as always only wish it came in a non tin box \0/

Alana Tocher
Great Co-Op Game

I love the concept of Forbidden Desert, lots of variables working against your team which makes for fun gameplay with lots of strategy-talk involved. The design of the game seems like its geared towards children, but I've played this with my 60+ year old parents and they loved it as well.

Adrian Lou
Decent coop

I like this game, but I think Pandemic just does it better. They're very similar.

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