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Designer Michel "Mad Mickey" Nguyen
Publisher Keylugen
Players 2
Suggested Age 10

Manage a football club and lead it to victory.
- FootClub is a card game with a tactical dimension in which you control everything: recruitment during the transfer window, team lineup, pre-match strategy and coaching during the game.
- Footclub offers a total immersion into the football experience, including the thrill and emotions of a real football match!
- 2 game modes available. Pee Wee mode (15 min): simple, accessible for all, perfect to discover the game, it will easily attract beginners as well as young players. Expert mode (60 min): strategically rich and with great replay value, it will satisfy experienced players.

The aim is to play a football match and to win the game, by scoring at least one more goal than your opponent. Each player builds its own team during the transfer window using a drafting mechanism.
During the pre-game, each player chooses the lineup of its team (the team's layout on the field) and makes, at the same time, tactical choices to decide how the team will play. In order to do so, each player builds a deck with 14 cards selected among the 42 cards available (such as, for example, 4 tackles, 2 counter-attacks, etc.).
The match is divided into two halves. A half consists of 5 rounds. Each round takes several steps:
- draw,
- substitutions,
- ball possession (each team plays cards alternatively to recover the ball),
- offensive (the team that possesses the ball tries to score a goal),
The first half ends when the players can no longer draw cards. Each player then builds a new 14-card deck to start the second half.
The game ends when the second half is over. The team that scored the most goals wins. A match can also ends up in a draw, a tie between the two players. In such a case and in order to determinate a winner, the players can agree to continue the game by going into extra time and, if necessary, a penalty shoot-out.
Prior to starting the match, the players can decide to have a two-leg home and away confrontation.

Major part of the game is deckbuilding and playing cards.

This game includes the following components: 50 team cards; 84 match cards; 2 Kop cards; 8 help cards; 24 score cards; 70 tokens; 1 Pee Wee rulebook; 1 Expert rulebook; 2 six-sided dice; 1 multi colored dice; Dimensions of the box 9.1 x 6.6 x 1.2 inches (230x168x35mm); Dimensions of the cards 3.1 x 2.4 inches (88x63mm).

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