Fog of Love

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B Amanda Dickie
There is just nothing else like it

If you've been in the hobby for a while many new games become variations of a theme or lighter/heavier versions of (insert classic game). Nothing I've played has been as unique an experience as Fog of Love. In a two player game or otherwise. You play as a couple co-operatively and yet privately working towards your own goals. Will you foster a better relationship? Will you break up? Is your partner working in your best interests? Or is that a relationship ending secret they've just tucked underneath the board?

With foil packets to open and difficult situations to explore, no game of Fog of Love is every really the same. A game as fun to spectate as it is to play, its one of the most unique table top experiences I've had and it leaves me wanting to continue playing to see what else is out there.

The tutorial is packed in box with a guided first game that has you learning together as you play which is a unique feature that just adds to the enjoyment of so many new experiences when you open the box.
Production value is great, weighted tokens and components which feel good in the hand and for a game themed around romantic partnership the design is beautiful abstract and lovely to look at.

Chris Dias

Not only a good game to play, but also a really fun game to watch.

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