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$16.95 CAD

Designer Daniel Weaver
Publisher Gamewright
Players 2-5
Playtime 15 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up

In FlipOut – originally published as Patchwork – players trade colorful, two-sided cards between wood racks to create sets or steal them from each other. Each player starts the game by drawing cards from the deck and filling their racks, with the hidden side of a card being seen only by its owner. On a turn, a player takes two actions from six possible actions, repeating actions, if desired:

  • Flip any card in a rack so the front is now the back.
  • Switch the position of two cards in any player's rack.
  • Swap one card between your rack and an opponent's, keeping the cards facing the same way at all times.
  • Swap two adjacent same-colored cards as above.
  • Score a set of 4-6 adjacent same-colored cards on your rack; place the cards in a scoring pile of your own, then refill your rack to six cards.
  • Score a set of 4-6 adjacent same-colored cards on an opponent's rack, giving that player one of the cards to score. That player then refills her rack.

The game ends when a player can't refill her rack. The player who collected the most cards wins.

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