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Flash Point: Fire Rescue - Veteran and Rescue Dog

In Stock

$11.95 CAD

Designer Lutz Pietschker
Publisher Indie Boards and Cards
Players 1-6
Playtime 45 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up
Expands Flash Point: Fire Rescue
Accessories Flash Point: Veteran and Rescue Dog Accessory Pack 1

The Veteran and Rescue Dog
 are promotional characters originally given to backers of the Flash Point: Fire Rescue - Extreme DangerKickstarter campaign, but will be available for later purchase. Both characters come with a character card and a unique miniature.

The Veteran is a more experienced firefighter who can avoid being knocked down and help near by firefighters by giving them extra action points.

The Rescue Dog is limited to only a few actions but has more action points to spend.

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