Flash Point: Fire Rescue (Second Edition)

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Ivhan Rusli
This game is on fire!

When we first got this game my video games loving son declared “this is better than video games!” And we’ve played a lot of board games.

A little bit of a learning curve but the it moves pretty quick. We’ve yet to play all the expansions but have them on the shelf ready to go! Great cool theme and play.

Matthieu Cox
Great coop

It was my first coop game and I still have a blast playing it. I think what makes it so great it that the way the fire acts so unpredictably adds to the tension.

Michael Wuensche
Great Game. Kids Love it

Been playing this game for a couple years now. Just recently started playing with my three year old. Although he doesn't understand all the concepts,. It still keeps both of us engaged. That's all I can ask for as a parent

Adam Stewart
Great cooperation game

Very thematic and exciting game.

Shannon Wylie
One of my favourite games

Flash Point: Fire Rescue is an amazingly, thematic cooperative game in which 2-6 players take on different firefighter roles to save victims from a burning building. You can choose from 8 specialists in the base game each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Action points decide turns, while dice rolls advance the fire (I dont typically like dice games, but this randomness makes sense for this one). Think you have things under control? Oh no an explosion!! Hopefully the building wont collapse because too much structural damage is an automatic loss. There are four levels of play available: family and 3 experienced levels, recruit, veteran and heroic, making this a game you can play with gamers and non-gamers alike. Specialists include the CAFS Firefighter (gets extra action points to extinguish fire), the Hazmat Tech (can take out Hazardous Materials efficiently), the Imaging Tech (can check on victims remotely), the Fire Captain (can commend other players to move), Driver/Operator (can spray the hose on the fire truck), Paramedic (can treat victims, making them easier to carry out), Rescue Specialist (gets extra movement AP), and the Generalist (has 5 base AP). With many expansions/new game boards this has incredible replay ability.

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