Federation (Deluxe Edition)

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gregory rivera

Federation (Deluxe Edition)

Dillon Fuhr
Awesome game

An awesome worker placement game with multi use workers and so much depth with every placement.This game has so much replayability where every game is different so you need a different strategy every play. This is my favourite game purchased this year!

Jonathan Neudorf

Great fun! Played it 4 weeks in a row, and as soon as we're finished the game - we can't wait to play it again! The game has some crunch to it and a good amount of player interaction. It's currently our favorite game of 2023.
We play it at 3 players and it takes us about 90 minutes to play.

We really like this

Only a couple of plays but this is a really good game. A Euro with player interaction on the senate board, while racing up multiple tracks. I particularly like it because there isn’t engine building. Instead you have to adapt to what your opponents are doing and often deal with competing goals between Senate Votes and advancing up your preferred tracks. Plus it’s nice to have a Euro that isn’t “brown” or set in the past.

Great quality components. I do wish that more of the cardboard disks had been plastic like the wonderful senate chips.

Robin Levy
Great game with great components

Federation plays well from 2-4 players, doesn’t take all night and has wonderful components for the price. Highly recommended!

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