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$11.95 CAD

Designer Grant Rodiek
Publisher 5th Street Games
Players 2-4
Playtime 30 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up

 is a game of chance and strategy. Players must plant, fertilize, and harvest crops in order to build the most valuable harvest – but they must do so before their opponents undermine their efforts using powerful and subtle action cards. The game ends when no crops are available for planting, and the player with the most valuable harvest wins!

During the game, players play one of four types of crop cards in one of the three shared planting fields, and that crop occupies the field until it's harvested or destroyed. Each of the four crops is worth a different amount of money when harvested. To be harvested, however, they must have the required amount of fertilizer, which is created by flipping over a crop card to turn it into fertilizer.

Managing your hand of crops is the key to success in Farmageddon Crop cards are required to plant, fertilize, and power many of the action cards needed to win. The twelve types of action cards protect your crops, destroy your opponents' crops, expedite a harvest, increase profits, and generally throw a wrench in the plans of other players. Players begin the game with three action cards and earn more at the end of each turn.

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