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Fantastiqa: The Abandoned Abbey Adventure Expansion

In Stock

$11.95 CAD

Alf Seegert
Eagle-Gryphon Games
Players 2-4
Playtime 60 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up
Expansion For Fantastiqa

Fantastiqa: The Abandoned Abbey Adventure Expansion

Note: this expansion is compatible with both the original Enchanted Edition of Fantastiqa as well as the new Rucksack Edition. You must use one of these editions in order to play this expansion.

Press your luck to find treasure and glory by exploring the eerie Abandoned Abbey!

• 18 Abandoned Abbey cards
• 4 Abandoned Abbey Quest Goal cards

• Shuffle all the Abandoned Abbey cards into a single deck and set them face down on the lower Open Quest space on the table. In the game you will still put out two Open Quests at a time as usual, along with +1 Bonus Tokens, but these cards will now go side-by-side in the upper space.
• Flip the top Abandoned Abbey card face-up.
• Use the Abandoned Abbey Quest Goal cards instead of the regular Quest Goals. These cards list possible victory conditions and length of game. Choose one before beginning play and return the others to the box.
• To win the game using the Abandoned Abbey expansion, you must acquire the number of Quest points shown on the Quest Goal PLUS the number of Abandoned Abbey cards indicated on it. Fulfill the conditions of any single line on the Quest Goal to win -- the game can be won using fewer Quest points and more Abandoned Abbey cards, or vice-versa.

1. Treat the Abandoned Abbey deck as a new kind of Quest.

• Players may explore the Abbey as their Turn Action (“Complete a
Quest”) if they occupy any of the four Regions diagonally adjacent to the Abandoned Abbey deck.
• Leave the Adventurer Standee in one’s current Region when exploring the Abbey.
• Because entering the Abandoned Abbey counts as one’s Turn Action, a player may not perform any Free Actions while in the Abbey. (Players may still perform Free Actions before and after.)

2. The Abbey is explored one card at a time. To do so, a player must discard a card symbol that matches the required symbol on the face-up Abandoned Abbey card. As with regular Quests, the symbol used must be an exact match -- using a “double-symbol wild” is not permitted. (Double-symbol cards and
Curious Companion cards work fine as long as one symbol matches.)

3. After discarding the matching card, set the top Abbey card to the side, face-up -- do not claim it yet -- along with the reward shown on top of the card.

4. Immediately draw one card from your personal deck, as indicated on the Abbey card, to replace the card you just played. (!)

5. You must now decide if you wish to keep exploring, or stop. You must make this decision before revealing the next Abandoned Abbey card!

6. If you decide to keep exploring, flip over the top card of the Abandoned Abbey.

• You must again discard a card with a symbol matching that on the face-up Abandoned Abbey card.
• If you succeed then return to step 3, above.
• If you fail, you lose all the Abandoned Abbey cards and rewards from this turn of exploration. This can mean losing multiple cards and rewards! (Do not lose anything already acquired in earlier turns of the game.)
• Return unclaimed rewards to the supply. Discard unclaimed Abbey
cards to the bottom of the Abandoned Abbey deck, face-up.

7. If you decide to stop exploring, then claim all the rewards and cards received in this exploration and add them to your supply (keep Abandoned Abbey cards separate from your deck; turn them face-down). Players should keep track of all the Abandoned Abbey cards that they collect. Sets of these cards apply towards victory as shown on the Abandoned Abbey Quest Goal card. Combine totals for partnership games. Each player (or partnership) may collect no more than 7 Abandoned Abbey cards in total.

8. End the turn. No matter how the exploration ends, make sure that the top Abandoned Abbey card is turned face up after the turn action ends.

9. If Abandoned Abbey cards are ever depleted, reshuffle them to form a new face-down draw deck.

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