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Fantastiqa: A Wild Goose Chase, Espresso Dragons, & Exclusive Artifact Expansion

$18.95 CAD

$18.95 CAD

Alf Seegert
Eagle-Gryphon Games
Players 2-4
Playtime 60 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up
Expansion For Fantastiqa

Fantastiqa: A Wild Goose Chase, Espresso Dragons, & Exclusive Artifact Expansion

This expansion set contains three different mini-expansions which enable you to frustrate your opponents and caffeinate your experience of Fantastiqa!

Note: this expansion is compatible with both the original Enchanted Edition of Fantastiqa as well as the new Rucksack Edition. You must use one of these editions in order to play this expansion.

It’s frustrating to watch an opponent fulfill Quest after Quest unhindered. It makes you wish you could send him off on a Wild Goose Chase instead... Now you can!

• 4 Goose Tokens
• 1 Goose standee and base

• Each player begins the game with 1 Goose token.
• The Goose standee goes to the side of the board.

• The Goose token is a Treasure Token which can be used as a Free Action on your turn to temporarily thwart an opponent.
• To play a Goose token, the Goose standee must be sitting to the side of the board; it may not currently be in play on a Region tile.
• To use a Goose token, give your token to any opponent you wish to hinder (place it directly on top of his Adventurer Placard). Then put the Goose standee on any Region on the board.
• The recipient of the Goose token has been sent on a Wild Goose Chase. He may not perform any more “Complete a Quest” actions until he first catches the Goose.
• To catch the Goose, this player must end her turn in the Region with the Goose standee. When this happens, the Goose tile played on her Adventurer Placard is removed from play for the rest of the game. The Goose standee flies away to the side of the board. The player’s turn is now over; she may not perform any further actions (including Free Actions) until her next turn.

Tea is relaxing. Espresso is energizing! Fantastiqa’s Dragons now serve both!

• 6 Espresso Dragon cards (Events)
• 12 Espresso Tokens (Treasure Tokens)

• Shuffle the Espresso Dragon Event cards into the Creature Card deck as indicated by
the symbol on the lower-right corner of each card.

• Whenever you draw an Espresso Dragon as an Event, immediately add three Espresso Tokens to the Region your Adventurer currently occupies. If no Espresso tokens remain in the supply, draw none.
• After performing the Event, as always, set it aside and draw a new card from the Creature Card deck.
• If a player ends her turn in a Region with one or more Espresso Tokens, she may collect ONE Espresso Token and add it to her supply. She may use it in any future turn (but not this one; her turn is already over).
• An Espresso Token is a Treasure Token that allows you to perform one additional Turn Action. (Just like the Double Espresso Artifact.) Return used Espresso Tokens to the supply.
• Note: the Espresso Token awards an extra Turn Action, not an actual extra turn. In other words, the turn does not end by using it: do not discard and redraw until your turn is over.

Add these exciting new cards to the Artifact Tower. (Cards with a cost of 2 Gems are also included as new Starting Artifact cards.)
Exclusive Artifact cards (14 total):

• Coddington’s Fog Machine (Cost: 4 Gems): Move each Adventurer (including your own) one Region in any direction you choose. With special thanks to Clinton Coddington!
• Hamster of Histrionic Haggling (Cost: 2 Gems): This turn, each card you purchase at a Statue is discounted by 1 Gem.
• Locket of Landfall (Cost: 2 Gems): Exchange any two Region tiles (along with anything on them).
• Tailfeathers of the Hairy Crane (Cost: 2 Gems): Choose any single-symbol card from your Discard Pile and return it to your hand. The chosen symbol must come from the Circle of Subduing or be a Peaceful Dragon. (You’re not sure if it’s the hair
or the feathers that make you sneeze like a Mad Man!) With special thanks to Rich Sommer!
• Tassle of Castling (Cost: 2 Gems): Exchange any two Statues.

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