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Everdell: Rugwort Pack

$19.99 CAD
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Designer James A. Wilson
Publisher Starling Games (II)
Players 1-4
Playing Time 40-80 mins
Suggested Age 13 and up
Expansion For Everdell

The Rugwort Pack adds 3 new cards that feature the solo mode opponent, Rugwort! Shuffle them in with the Everdell deck to add a little more 'take-that' to your game. Includes Rugwort the Robber, Rugwort the Ruler, and Rugwort the Rowdy. Not recommend for beginning players! These cards come with the Everdell: Collector's Edition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Ryan Creighton
The very definition of "not worth it."

i backed the second Everdell Kickstarter campaign for Pearlbrook, and bought the Everdell upgrade pack, which supposedly included "everything" needed to convert a retail copy to a collector's edition, at the time. It was missing the then-new flattened twigs and these three Rugwort cards (not to mention the spot colour colletor's edition box). A protracted customer service battle erupted between me and the notoriously intransigent Starling Games. They eventually included those missing items - the Rugwort cards and the flattened twigs - in their next edition of the upgrade pack, presumably because so many customers had complained.

Teeth were pulled. Starling eventually relented and sent me the Rugwort cards.

This card pack is almost a gag. The cards are extremely swingy (particularly "swap hands with an opponent") and you might want them if you're a completionist, but you wouldn't really want to actually play the game with them. If you play with anyone who doesn't like the "player interaction" (read: take that) gameplay of cards like the Fool and the Pirate Ship, these cards will not go over well. And in my opinion, 20 bucks is an absurdly high price for 3 cards - especially these ones.