Escape: The Curse of the Temple

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Juliet-Ann McArthur
Super stressful fun

The game is very simple and the "soundtrack" makes it incredibly atmospheric. When the tempo picks up and you start running out of time it gets really stressful in a way that really adds to the fun. Definitely not the game you play to unwind. The biggest con is that sicne it plays in real time, if ever there is any confusion with any rules you have to pause the game which can of kills the atmosphere.

michelle su

Game is hectic fast fun! Real time & simultaneous action game play.

Lily Kusuma
Real time Game

Can be stressful for some people. Co-op dice game, keep rolling dices to get out of the temple. Kids really like it, Can be fun for the first few games, but not a high replayability.

Jared Paton
A great game with breakfast

Pros: Fast-paced, exciting
Simple to get into, rules are very easy to understand
Plays in 10 minutes
Great components and art
Very scalable as far as difficulty goes, there are lots of modules you can add or subtract to make the game harder or easier

Cons: Easy to unintentionally cheat, with no way to roll back your turns
Your actions are subject to a dice roll, and can be incredibly frustrating
It's easy to knock the board and misalign the map
Sometimes hard to remember what each expansion tile does, requiring a pause and rulebook lookup

How does it play with 2: Great! My wife and I would play while having breakfast in the morning, sometimes two or three times. We've enjoyed this game a lot.

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