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Dungeon Saga: Heroes of Mantica

In Stock

$30.95 CAD

Jake Thornton
Mantic Games
Players 1-5
Suggested Age 14 and up
Expansion for
Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King's Quest

Enric the Butcher of Stryania, Gunn the Dwarf Engineer, Ravenna the Witch and Helkan Da'rresh the Twilight Kin Assassin are four of the most infamous individuals to have taken the adventurers' coin in the world of Mantica.

With a mix of vicious cruelty, exceptional skills, and powerful magic, these heroes are in high demand. If you want to live, make sure they're on your side!

Jake Thornton
They can also be used to create your own custom-designed heroes in the Adventurer's Companion expansion, or for Kings of War or any other fantasy game.


4 Hero Miniatures

- Enric the Butcher of Stryania

- Gunn the Dwarf Engineer

- Ravenna the Witch

- Helkan Da'rresh, Twilight Kin Assassin

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