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Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom (Second Edition)

$107.95 CAD

$107.95 CAD

Designer Sean Äaberg
Eric Radey
Publisher Goblinko
Players 1-4
Playtime 30-360 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up

Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom – Adventurer Expansion
Dungeon Degenerates: Mean Streets Expansion Box 
Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom – City Scum


Dungeon Degenerates - Degenerate Dictionary - Creepy Cults of the Lowlands 
Dungeon Degenerates - Degenerate Dictionary - Fishoid Freaks of the Wetlands 
Dungeon Degenerates - Degenerate Dictionary - Horrific Hunters of the Badlands 
Dungeon Degenerates - Degenerate Dictionary - Thugs & Thralls of the Würstreich
Dungeon Degenerates - Degenerate Dictionary - Tittering Terrors of the Highlands 
Dungeon Degenerates - Guide to the Würstreich - Bruttelburg & the Lowlands 
Dungeon Degenerates - Guide to the Würstreich - Pigskin Port & the Highlands 
Dungeon Degenerates - Guide to the Würstreich - the Badlands & Beyond
Dungeon Degenerates - Guide to the Würstreich - Tomb Lake & the Wetlands 


Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom takes place in the Dark Fantasy Realm of Bodengard in the decaying Eastern Provinces of the Wurstreich. Players take escaped criminal adventurers on unsavory missions through four distinct regions, each with their own monsters & encounters. As the players explore the Wurstreich, danger levels rise continuously across the map. Players must complete their mission before the Hand of Doom descends on the board, unleashing evil magic on the land.

Dungeon Degenerates is for 1-4 players co-op. Players can form parties or split up throughout the game at will - there is no forced obligation to compete or stick together. Game play is 1-3 hours based on mission. Dungeon Degenerates has an Epic RPG campaign feel in an open world sandbox board game & you bring your experience & items from previous missions. There are multiple missions & objectives of varying difficulty with multiple ways to approach each mission. Dungeon Degenerates is set in a cohesive & fixed world with multiple distinct regions which feature unique encounters & thematic monsters. Encounters allow multiple interaction choices - you do not have to fight everyone you see. Play features an open experience system allowing for character customization with new skills. You are always in danger - the town is not an artificial safe zone - combat is dangerous. There are various modes of travel - players cooperate to choose their route & pace, or split up & fend for themselves. You can customize difficulty & theme with expanded monster & encounter decks. Dungeon Degenerates features streamlined combat with tactical depth, each player rolls dice only once on their turn, using standard 6-sided dice only. There are over 100 monsters with unique abilities & artwork.

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