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Dragon Dice: 2-Player Starter – Firewalker VS Treefolk

In Stock

$37.95 CAD

Lester Smith
SFR, Inc.
Players 2-4
Playtime 30 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up
1995 Origins Awards Best Fantasy or Science-Fiction Board Game Winner

Now your Dragon Dice battles can get off to a bigger, better start! SFR, Inc. introduces a new 2-Player Starter Set for Dragon Dice. These new starters include larger armies and more dragons than in the past. You can command the blazing fury of the Firewalkers or the primal might of the Treefolk as you begin to command your dice to victory. With these new Starter Sets, you can play right out of the box, or mix and match to create new armies. You will also find dice representing the terrains you fight to control, and the dreaded elemental dragons who can wreak havoc on your opponent-or maybe on you! A Starter Rulebook makes it easier to jump right into battle.Dragon Dice Starter Sets come with everything two players need to play. Each starter contains two armies, one for the Firewalkers and one for the Treefolk. Each army has a random assortment of 18 dice for that race (8 common, 6 uncommon, 2 rare, and two monster units). The starter also contains four random terrain dice and four random elemental dragons. A Starter Rulebook will give you all you need to know to start rolling your way to victory.

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