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Dragi Drache

$36.95 CAD

$36.95 CAD

This game is part of our the Import Game Collection

Designer Christoph Cantzler
Anja Wrede
Publisher Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH
Players 2-4
Playtime 20 mins
Suggested Age 4 and up

Note: This game is in German.  English rules can be found here.

Dragon Dragi and his friends have one big wish: If only they could breathe fire like the adult dragons! So they practice a lot and eat lots of fiery-hot dragonfruits. Today they are having a fire-breathing contest. The participant who manages to blow the floating fire ball into the right volcano field gets to collect the highly sought-after dragonfruits.

Dragi Drache is a dragon-themed action game for children. At the center of the board is a cardboard volcano that divides the board into six sections. Underneath the board (in the box) is an airblower that when switched on keeps a little ball afloat. Each player gets an individual game board and six dragonfruit chits in the same color. One dragonfruit chit per player color is then placed on each section of the game board.

To play the game, someone turns on the air blower, then places the ball on the air jet at the center of the board so that it floats over the volcano. The active player each turn tries to blow the ball into one of the board sections with a dragonfruit chit of her color, with only one chance to get the ball in the right spot. If the ball lands on a board section with a dragonfruit of her color, she takes that chit and places it on her game board. Whether she gets it or not, though, the next player then takes his turn.

The first player to collect six dragonfruits of her color wins!

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