Dominant Species

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Ryan Peddle
My #1 Game

A constantly evolving game that rewards long term planning. A war game dressed up in a worker placement mechanism. But its not as easy as simple worker placement. All players place workers one after the other, until all workers have been place. Only then do the actions get resolved from top to bottom. So this makes on the fly tactile decision making just as important as long term planning. RIP Chad Jensen.

Christophe Pelletier
A great area control game, dressed as a worker placement game

Despite the obvious worker placement mechanics, Dominant Species is mainly an area control game. The map expands every turn, but also grows smaller due to the Ice Age phase. Its immersive gameplay makes up for its (a bit too) long playtime.

Taraff Haymour
Great Strategy Game

Cool game mechanics running this board game. Nothing any gamer hasn't seen before however marker placing that relies on sequencing of other players makes that aspect really interactive. I feel there are two parts to this game (cause there are) but after the excitement of trying to bolster you animals adaptions and getting more species on the board you actually get to interact with the board and expand the world you are living on. All this while balancing the action side of the board with other players. Plays best with 5-6 players. Overall its a great strategy game.

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