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Deterrence 2X62

In Stock

$29.95 CAD

Paulo Santoro
FunBox Jogos
Players 2
Playtime 20-30 mins
Suggested Age 14 and up

One day, in the past, the civilized world stood in the brink of destruction. The Soviet superpower pointed dangerously their missiles towards the north-american superpower, triggering a crisis that threatened the existence of mankind. It was 1962.

In some parallel universe, however, that crisis never ended. Centuries have passed. In secret, terrible killing machines have been developed by both sides. And the time has come that a new arms race may end the world... or devote his side the winner!

In Deterrence 2X62, your objective is to win the cold war by destroying the enemy country through a single successful attack, or dominating the richness of the world.

During the match, the players can play construction cards in their cities to strengthen their defenses and threaten the enemy cities or play cards as treaties, to avoid enemy attacks. These constructions have Missiles, Anti-missiles, Commands, Treaties, Range and Money, that allows the player who match those resources in the best possible way, be the great winner!

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