Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition)

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Andrew Moir
A revised Classic

I have been a big fan of Descent since way back.....I just had to get this game....
I did find it to be a different experience from the original edition, which was an intense dungeon crawl feel.
As a mini-painter, I find the figures are of excellent quality!

Charles Nadeau
Powerful and flexible game play.

You can play the campaign, play a dungeon, make your own, and even use this for D&D. It's easy to play and lets you throw in some extra fun if you want. One of the more flexible games I've ever played.

Graham Gray
Classic dungeon crawl.

A spiritual sucessor to HeroQuest. Awesome dungeon crawl. After a few campaign quests, you can begin designing your own dungeons. You don't even need to have someone play the overlord. Just leave out the Overlord deck and have the enemies use basic swarm tactics.

Greg Reader
Still great fun, especially with the app

Descent has a lot of fun elements but this really depends on having a good DM running the show... Unless you use the Road to Legend app. The app makes it possible to not only play a fully co-op campaign as well solo but it also ties the world together with an overworld between quests and does the record keeping for you. It mixes in tiles and monsters from your collection nicely to keep things new and, while it doesn't include the DM campaigns and quests, it has some new ones for free and more for purchase in-app.

Kyle harder
A good compromise

Its tricky being the overlord as you are kinda responsible for the majority of the player's good time. But its full of excitement and some good scenarios. The campaign is a nice addition compared to last edition.

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