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Basic but lots of fun.

I picked up the Metal version of the game because I loved the comic storyline and I didnt own any DC based games. I had not played a deck building game before so it was all new and I found the rules were not clear in a few areas. Either way my friends and I had lots of fun playing the game but had gone through the cards a few times so I decided to get the core set and forever evil to spice things up. Their rules seem a bit more basic than Metal and essentially identical but opposite to each other. I havent had the opportunity to play the core set yet but it looks to have the same basic gameplay but with new abilities on the cards. Looking forward to playing.

I didnt give it 5 stars because as I mentioned I had played a few times with my friends and while we loved it and the game was different each time, after a bit you get a feel for which cards are good, and what combos to go for, and you’ve seen them all before and you want to spice it up. So bad news, the game can get a bit stale, good news is the game is good enough youll want to get a few expansions to keep it fresh.

Paul Reimer
Set a new expectation for deck building superhero games

This DC deck building game has a great theme with some straight forward ideas of games like Dominion, however being able to play as different superheroes fighting supervillains is a great new addition! If you really like this edition then I suggest you try the next edition 'Hero's Unite' as it takes this games concepts and blends both edition together really well!

Nathaniel Ogborne
Not enough meaningful choices.

I love deck building games but this one just didn’t do it for me. The first few times I played this it was fun but after that I realized that what ever we did we ended up winning in the end. Their just weren’t enough game changer decisions I would pass on this and get Marvel legendary instead or dominion if your looking for a good deck builder.

Jonathan Tetzel
Must Have for DC Fans

An awesome and quick game. I love the art and simplicity of the game

Ben Muralles
Simple and quick paced, asymmetrical deck builder.

I really appreciate that each player uses a different super hero which will change how effective different cards will be for each player providing a lot of replay value.

The art is great.

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