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Daemon Dice: Death Daemon

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$12.95 CAD

The lords of Daemon Dice were pleased with their creations, but soon called for even more new minions to send to the Infernal Arena.

Their latest additions, the Death Daemons, can now be added to your Daemon Dice battles courtesy of SFR, Inc. These daemons will provide your fiendish alter ego with plenty of fresh pieces to create a wider variety of daemons.

Each Death Daemon Booster Pack gives you enough dice to add a Death Daemon to your hosts, or provide parts for your own half-breed and mongrel abominations. A purebred Death Daemon paralyzes its opponent with fear, giving you one automatic targeted minus to lock up one of your opponent’s dice. That can give them one less body part to roll- or even keep them from having any to roll!

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