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Consequential *PRE-ORDER*


$53.95 CAD

Chris Cieslik
Asmadi Games
Players 1-5
Playtime 60 mins
Suggested Age 12 and up

Earth has been connected to the fantasy world of Laris. The result of the mixture of technology and magic is the Cataclysm, an event that tore holes in the fabric of time and space. Five heroes have been pulled together on Laris, where they embark on a journey to mend both worlds.

Consequential is a co-operative board game that lets players live the tale of this adventure. Over the course of four acts, the story will be told. The base game box contains the board, and all the cards for Act I. Acts II, III, and IV are packaged and sold separately. They contain additional cards, new locations, and new mechanics!

The unique aspect of this game is that it is not solely a tabletop experience. A free companion app for your iOS/Android device or laptop is required for play. It will display voice-acted events that are triggered by actions in the physical game, and tell more of the story. The app also is responsible for keeping the timer for the real-time portion of each episode. One episode of Consequential contains a turn-based phase (about 45 minutes) and a real-time phase (about 10 minutes) to conclude the session. The real-time phase can be played without a timer, if players prefer.

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