Concordia (Rio Grande Games Edition)

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Claude aubry

Concordia (Rio Grande Games Edition)

Richard Shah
perfect game

best economic game for starters

Scott Harris
Its in my top five for sure

Its a great strategic game with a lot of expansions. It makes my top five because its easy to get to the table, the rules are quite simple, within five minutes you can do a really comprehensive review of the rules and gameplay options. I have heard people complain about the way the scoring is done at the end of the game, you don’t know who is winning and it takes a long time to tabulate the scores. I find that element adds to the game as you don’t have everybody sitting there looking over seeing who has what leading to severe cases of analysis paralysis as the game ends. Tabulating the scores also doesn’t take that long, some people make out it took them an hour to find out who won after the gameplay ended. One thing that I did was get the pimped out resource tokens for the game, it just makes it look better and touching them just seems to make the game seem even more grand.

Victor Nosko
So smooth

One of our favourite games. It's very easy to pick back up and remember how to play, as the cards in your hand are your potential actions. Very smooth gameplay and great with a wide number of players.

Scott Melanson
One of My top 5 Games of All Time

This game can be a big math crunch especially late game, but its clever design and positive player interaction make math fun!

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