Commands & Colors: Ancients (7th Printing)

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Roland Brugmans
Enjoyable Battlefield Game

Interesting and enjoyable to play. Easy to learn system, and I see why the commands and colors system appeals to many people. Though made for 2 players, I play this solo and and find this extremely satisfying. Combined with either the CDG Solo System from GMT games or the “Power of Three” system by the designer of the game, has allowed me to enjoy hours of this game solo. If you are familiar with any of the other games using the Commands and Colors system, you will also have fun with this as well.

Jeremy Sherwood
Great Tactical Combat Game

This game has quickly become a favourite. There are 15 scenarios in the latest edition, which gives a lot of replayability as well as some interesting history to learn. The command cards limit options/create opportunities in a way that keeps each game fresh and challenging. It takes a bit to learn all the rules and exceptions to rules, but the gameplay has a certain simplicity and elegance to it. A lot of the fun is in the variety of units and needing to work to the strengths/cover the weaknesses of whatever combination of troops you have at your command in a particular scenario. Plays great with two, and I also greatly enjoy it as a solo game.

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