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Julie Malboeuf
Neat theme, nice components

Less complicated than other Lacerdas

Kenny Yetman
Great theme

This is probably my favorite Lacerda next to Kanban.

Michel Chaussé
Less interesting of the lacerda's game

This is not a bad game, but i find it becore repetitive. Once you get the way it work, if feels more like doing repetitive task rather than trying to optimize. I think i've lost only the first game, and tried to up the difficulty, and didnt changed much. Thinking of selling it to be honest

Thomas Chung
When playing feels like fighting for air

A game about saving the world of pollution or at least trying to slow it down by building greener industries.
Components are great. Thick cardboard like many if not all Lacerta games. Wooden industries being all different is a nice touch. I was a bit ignorant regarding the theme (what are CEPs?) So it was a little confusing for me to understand why i would do an action (unlike the Gallerists which was thematically easier for me to understand). Overall, i can still say theme was felt through and made sense.
Gameplay-wise, It's coop or semi-coop and let me say it is hard to win. If you do, you'll probably barely make it.
I liked it a little bit less than other Lacerta. I played solo at times and i felt like i was always choking on ressources and beat by the board to finally lose. There is a similar mechanic from the Gallerist where you have a main action and executive actions you can do on your turn so that felt familiar. However, i found the game was really like chores to accomplish. You have all these goal cards to fullfill basically by completing sets of industries. In order to do that, you need to build said industries and push their level up.
It's a big puzzle but i liked it less than others because there is less player interactions and didn't find it as exciting.

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