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Chariots of Rome Add-on pack

$11.95 CAD

$11.95 CAD

Designer Sean Young
Publisher Victory Point Games
Players 2-10
Suggested Age 13

Only the whims of the Gods and the skill of the aurigae will determine who the victor will be!

Putting the "Maximus" in your Circus Maximus, the Add-On Pack adds:

2 new teams of Chariots (Gold and Purple), each with a complete set of Faction mats, sets of tokens, initiative cards, standees, and flats

4 new Charioteers (Acacious, the vengeful; Marcellus, master auriga; Telesphoros, favored of the gods; Vitellius, brilliant tactician)

6 new Fate cards (Cerberus Unleashed; The Corrupt Wager; Cult of Mithras; Mars Inspires; Saturn's Intrigue; Theatrics for Bachus)

2 new Lap markers (Egg and Dolphin) to keep track of laps as they did in Circus Maximus

With this expansion you can now play with up to 12 charioteers.

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