Caverna: The Cave Farmers

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Scott Bordeleau
One of my Favorite Farming Themed Games

Great quality components, used the 3d printer to create dwarves that hold the "weapons", mechanically this game just works and doesn't feel as frustrating as Agricola when it comes to feeding your people.

Dana Olson
As good as Agricola...

...maybe better. It's hard to say. While the game is similar in many ways, it's also quite different. It's much larger in scope, and yet, easier to explain (at least in terms of scoring). And the best part is, people actually want to play it with me! Agricola turned off everyone who I played with, for some reason. I think the fact that you can just kinda do whatever you want, the free, open nature of it, is better than being somewhat forced into doing everything (and penalized if you don't) in Agricola. As worker placements go, this one is up there for me. Not my #1, but I wouldn't turn down a game of it.

Neil Nicholson
Very good


Molly Landgraff
Extremely scalable game

An often overlooked aspect of Caverna is that it can be played with just one player all the way up to seven players, and is fun at any player count. This means that it's good for solo gaming while in isolation, and will be playable with your group when the isolation ends. It's a hefty box, but the game is very enjoyable.

Jonathan Siu
Takes a while to play, but you don't realize until you're done.

A lot of strategy and entertainment to be had. This game burns time quickly. You easily forget how much time goes by and next thing you know, 3 hours is gone. Time flies when you're having fun.

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