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Caveman Curling - White Clan Expansion

In Stock

$7.95 CAD

Includes 12 white pieces and stickers.

Be legendary (or not)!  You and your team are entered in the very first Caveman Curling Championship.
This game is a "muscle sport" (for your index finger), with a few, very simple rules:

1) Throw (finger flick) your rock, aiming for the center of the firepit on the other side of the frozen lake;
2) Then move your rock with a Stone Age hammer, or protect it with one of your clan's totems;
3) At the end of the round, the player or team closest to the center of the hut scores points.

Featuring wonderfully whimsical art, great quality wood bits and a unique playing surface, this is a finger-flicking, fun-filled game for the whole family.

Two players or teams of up to 6 persons each.

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